A Multi-Media Performance 

Thank you for all the support you have given me in the past.

I couldn’t have done it without you. Now I am asking for the  biggest contribution ever to realize this piece. 

I feel that I was told these stories to become part of our collective history. With your help I can finally pass them on.

Thank you again!

Janet Aisawa

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Janet aisawa

Janet Aisawa them

 Creator-director & performer of "Them" A Multi-media Performance

My name is Janet Aisawa.  I created, directed and perform in "Them",  a multimedia piece that was shown at Green Space in Long Island City, NY, this past April 15th and 16th in their “Take Root” series.  

"Them" has been a lifetime in the making, and comes from interviews that I started doing in 2005 of my aunts, uncles, and their friends. These Japanese Americans were forced from their homes and placed in internment camps in the United States during WWII. This project is important to me because I not only want to pass down these stories but I also hope it will start conversations and questions about what it means to be “Them” and “Us” and is a reminder that  we have all once been labeled "Them".  

When the Constitution was disregarded. "I" and "You" became "Them."

A portion of the video “Shadows of Hiroshima” by Yuko Takebe, which we filmed in Hiroshima and Matsuyama, Japan last fall, will also be included in “Them”. This video shows the past as always being present and asks the question, “How do we live in the world today post-Atomic bomb?